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How To Prepare Your Hair For The Big Day

Once you’ve had your wedding day hair trial there are a few final tips that will help to get your locks looking their best…

Sometimes a trial for hair and makeup can take place a couple of months ahead of your big day. In the time between your session and the wedding it’s best to try not to make too many drastic changes to the length or colour. Here are three handy tips to ensure that your hair is in tip top condition, ready for your hair artist to do their work on your special day.

Hair cut

Keeping your hair healthy and strong is about making sure you get regular haircuts. But ahead of your wedding don't go too mad and just opt for a modest trim by simply taking off the ends that may look dry or damaged. Ultimately you don't want to alter the length too much so that it affects your wedding day hair look, a couple of inches can potentially alter how your wedding day do may look.


A week or so before the wedding, pamper your hair with a mask or shine treatment, this is a great way of getting it looking super healthy and lustrous. Don't do it the night before the big day though, a treatment will make your hair smoother than normal which could cause trouble if you're having an updo.


Lots of brides ask me whether they should wash their hair the morning of the wedding and ideally I say no. However, I do appreciate that sometimes you don't feel like yourself if you haven't washed your hair that day particularly on such an important occasion. One day old hair often performs better for styled hair dos, it tends to have more texture and the natural oils help the style stay in shape. One happy medium is to wash your hair the night before and then the morning of the wedding attack the roots with dry shampoo.

I hope these tips help and your wedding hair lives up to your hopes and dreams!

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