How To Stay Cool On A Hot Wedding Day

Well it finally appears that British summer has arrived, and boy oh boy it’s a scorchio one! If you‘re one of the lucky few who gets a stinking hot wedding day then bear in mind these survival tips for your makeup… Getting ready for your wedding on a very hot day needs to be done slowly and calmly, you don’t want to rush around and overheat before you’ve even set off for the ceremony. If you have access to a freezer then the night before pop in a flannel and some sliced cucumber. You can apply the flannel to the back of your neck and stick the cucumbers on your eyes for ten minutes of cooling down time. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol in the morning before will help keep you hydrated. It might

Why You Should Invest In Facials…

A few months ahead of the wedding, it’s essential to start practicing good skin care... Even if you don’t suffer from severe acne or other skin conditions, your complexion will still benefit from the attention of a trained professional. As long as you start a good three or four months in advance of the big day (and not six weeks) your beautician or facialist will get to know your skin properly, provide personalised recommendations and a programme that will address your individual concerns. Here are four reasons why it's worth the investment... 1) Sometimes DIY doesn't work Although you might be committed to regular skin care, homemade masks and DIY facials, you will never have all of the rig

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