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How To Soothe Dry Hands

I think it’s fair to say that we are all washing our hands or drenching them in alcohol gel more consistently than we used to. As a result, and you have may have found this too, my hands started to feel quite dry and uncomfortable. The loss of moisture happens because the additional exposure to washing and alcohol/chemicals (from the gel) essentially steals the skin’s natural moisturising oils away.

Here’s my three step plan on how to get your hands looking and feeling in tip top condition, I’ve tried to include products you may have already around your home:

1) Moisturise

First things first, it seems obvious but if your hands are really dehydrated, use a rich moisturising cream that contains argan oil or shea butter after every hand wash, this will deal with the dried out skin and last well during the day.

If you have more specific patches of dry skin (my knuckles seemed to bare the brunt!) that have become sore; be gentle and consider a restorative treatment such as Cicalfate Skin Cream by Avene which in my experience is super soothing and effective.

2) Bathe

Soaking in a bath of oats is a lovely nourishing treatment for skin. So why not focus this on just your hands - mix a little warm oil (either olive, jojoba or coconut work well) with the oats and water in a basin/washing up bowl and soak your hands in it for 10-15 minutes. This will help them to feel indulged and start the process of healing.

3) Overnight

Very damaged and sore hands need an overnight deep treatment. Apply a thick moisturizer or oil (jojoba or coconut oil work well), pop on some cotton gloves (readily available cheaply in pharmacies and online) and go to bed. Your hands will be noticeably improved in the morning! Repeat for a couple of nights if they’re really battered and perhaps incorporate into a weekly routine.

And finally, not only do overnight gloves do wonders for dryness but consider where else you could start protecting your hands by wearing gloves more around the house and garden.

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