Five Ways To Look Good In Your Photos

When it comes to the big day, you need a hairstyle to frame your face and your eyes to stand out in the pictures. Choosing the right wedding hair and makeup is one of the most exciting parts of your planning. But don’t get carried away! There are a few key things to remember. Your hubby-to-be loves you just the way you are so avoid anything drastic, especially as you want to look back on the pictures and recognise the woman appearing in them. Here are my top tips on how to look good in the photos... Hero hair You want your wedding day hair to frame your face so that your beautiful eyes and beaming smile are all that anyone can focus on. Be sure to try out different hairstyles before the big

How To Wear Glitter Eye Makeup As An Adult

It’s definitely that time of year when, as an adult, it’s entirely appropriate to wear glitter eye makeup without looking like you’re still in secondary school... In order to get away with glitter on your eyes, you need to apply it in the right way by infusing subtle shimmer into your makeup to give you a glammed up edge. Here are five tips on how to wear glitter eye makeup as an adult: Avoid icy whites, pastels, silvers and neon, unless you’re a teenager. A more sophisticated and grown up look means sticking to jewel tones (emerald greens, indigo etc.) and dark neutrals with an antique golden base or black. This will help you look like you’re rocking a more polished and glitzy version of yo

How To Wear Red Lipstick

If there's one time of year to rock a bold red lip, then it's party season... The festivities are in full swing, and if you fancy ramping up your makeup then a strong lipstick colour is a great option. Here's how to nail the perfect red lipstick look: Sharpen Pencil A lip pencil is the key to getting a precise outline of your lips. Make sure it's super sharp so there's no threat of smudging. Cupids Bow Start off by lightly drawing a line onto your cupids bow (the curve at the very top of your lips). Begin in the middle of the curve and draw outwards with a steady hand. Line Lips Continue to lightly draw around your lips, don't worry about it being slightly messy on your actual lips, but do p

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