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How To Wear Red Lipstick

If there's one time of year to rock a bold red lip, then it's party season...

The festivities are in full swing, and if you fancy ramping up your makeup then a strong lipstick colour is a great option. Here's how to nail the perfect red lipstick look:

Sharpen Pencil

A lip pencil is the key to getting a precise outline of your lips. Make sure it's super sharp so there's no threat of smudging.

Cupids Bow

Start off by lightly drawing a line onto your cupids bow (the curve at the very top of your lips). Begin in the middle of the curve and draw outwards with a steady hand.

Line Lips

Continue to lightly draw around your lips, don't worry about it being slightly messy on your actual lips, but do pay close attention to the outside. Go all the way around your upper and lower lips. If you go wrong, just wipe it off with some makeup remover. The brighter the lipstick means that this lip lining process needs to be as perfect as possible.


Now grab your lipstick and carefully fill the lip with colour to join up with the liner that you've just applied. Keep layering the lipstick on until your happy with it's colour depth.

Set Them

Once you've filled the lips with colour, give them a gentle rub together to make sure the lip liner and lipstick have blended. To ensure the colour goes the distance, you need to set it. First up, very carefully blot with a tissue to take off any excess product. Then lightly dust translucent powder over your lips, this will help give the colour longevity.

I'd love you to share in the comments below, have you got a favourite colour for party season? Do these tips inspire you to try out a bold lipstick colour? Have these tips helped you wear lipstick for the first time?

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