How To Get Your Hands Wedding Day Ready

From holding your bouquet to showcasing your ring, your hands and fingers will be a point of focus in photos throughout your big day... To get them in the best shape, here are four essential things to do in preparation: 1) Cuticles Your cuticles are an integral part of growing healthy, strong nails. Think of them as if your scalp is the key to growing long hair. Get into a good routine of regularly using a dab of cuticle oil a couple of times a week and this will help combat hangnails and also prevent cracked nail beds. 2) Moisturise Daily moisturising cream isn't just for the face, get into the habit of smoothing a dab of hand cream onto the backs of your hands each morning. Ideally choose

Why Eyebrows Will Make Your Wedding Look

It is amazing how different good, or bad, eyebrows can make you look. They're a great way of framing your face, especially on the big day... I actually think that your eyebrows are one of your most important facial features. Badly shaped brows can make your eyes look droopy and distort your cheekbones and face shape. But the perfect arch can open your eyes up framing and flattering your entire look. So be sure to get ahead of the game a few months before the wedding to ensure that they are well shaped and maintained for your special moment. Here's some tips... 1) Find the right shape for you Eyebrows only work when you find the perfect shape to suit your face shape. There's no point lusting

Three Tips For Pretty Wedding Day Feet

Whether you treat yourself to a professional pedicure or a DIY jobby before the big day, there's some vital prep that needs to happen beforehand to get those twinkle toes looking their best... Treating your feet in the months leading up to the wedding is a must if you're wearing strappy or peep toe shoes. Well looked after and moisturised feet are much less likely to blister, so will add extra level of reassurance and comfort if you're not used to wearing heels for long periods of time. Here are three ways to get your feet looking and feeling great for your big day... 1) Scrub 'em Good foot care starts with using some heavy duty foot scrub or better a pumice stone to exfoliate away cracked,

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