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Why Eyebrows Will Make Your Wedding Look

It is amazing how different good, or bad, eyebrows can make you look. They're a great way of framing your face, especially on the big day...

I actually think that your eyebrows are one of your most important facial features. Badly shaped brows can make your eyes look droopy and distort your cheekbones and face shape. But the perfect arch can open your eyes up framing and flattering your entire look. So be sure to get ahead of the game a few months before the wedding to ensure that they are well shaped and maintained for your special moment. Here's some tips...

1) Find the right shape for you

Eyebrows only work when you find the perfect shape to suit your face shape. There's no point lusting over Jessica Alba's pefectly rectangular or Cara Delevingne's thick and strong brows when your face may look better with an arched look. This is the time to consult at expert threading or waxing expert, once the shape is sorted it is an easy path to continue to maintain the look at home.

2) Don't over pluck

Exercise restraint and don't un-do the work of the experts on your newly shaped brows. Always work slowly and precisely with tweezers to pluck the stray hairs from underneath and in between the brow. Never remove hairs above or on top of the brow, by doing this you affect the core shape which is what you want to avoid.

3) Don't aim for symmetry

No one’s eyebrows are exactly the same, trying to achieve perfect symmetry will only lead to over-plucking and a skewed shape. Familiarise yourself with the shape. Hold your tweezers up to your face vertically, so they are touching the outer edge of one nostril and line up with the inner corner of your eye.

I hope this helps you with your big day beauty preparation. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to get your eyebrows in good shape, ideally begin around six months before and maintain the shape in the lead up to the wedding to ensure perfect looking brows.

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