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More Than Just Fancy Brushes...

I’ve moved to a new house recently and with that came a school move for my eldest child. Whilst chatting in the socially distanced mask clad school run queue (Covid restrictions!) to a new friend, she mentioned that she had wrestled with spending money on having her makeup and hair done for her wedding. But eventually, three weeks before the day, she had decided to go for it and invest. She was full of positivity and enthusiasm that it was some of the best money she’d spent on the wedding! She loved how she looked, and it had completely removed a whole layer of stress and worry.

This got me thinking about what a good bridal makeup and hair artist truly brings to the table in the lead up to the big day and on a wedding morning. Alongside specialist skills, training and experience; I of course have a professional kit, brushes, products, skin and hair care, advice and solutions. I also carry plasters, mini deodorants and little hotel kit toothbrushes (just in case!) plus a bottle of lavender oil.

In addition to the above is that I really care. From initial emails, the all-important trial and the wedding morning I just want the best for you and your big day. I can also read a room and the people in it well. It might be my background and experience in PR and events, or it could just be something innate, probably a mix of both, but much like your favourite hairdresser at your local salon, I care about how you’re doing.

Wedding mornings in my chair are a joyful and happy way to start a love filled big day. Climbing into my makeup chair is the point where you can sit and relax; letting me get you ready for the special day ahead. It’s never a rushed experience, we’ve had a trial so we both know what will be happening and I always factor in plenty of ‘buffer time’ so that you can easily take a moment to read a message or get up to grab a drink.

Sometimes if I can sense a bride’s nerves or an overall tense feeling amongst the bridal party (I know some families are complex!), I’ll often pop some lavender oil onto my wrists so whilst I work it gives off a gentle calming effect. Sitting down in my chair is usually the last task before putting on your wedding dress and perhaps it turns out to be the first time you’ve stopped in days (if not weeks!) and so you might have that ‘Holy mackeral it’s actually happening’ moment. I’ve seen it all, and I’ll know what you need in that moment, I really do care about you having a truly happy day.


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