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How To Stay Cool On A Hot Wedding Day

Well it finally appears that British summer has arrived, and boy oh boy it’s a scorchio one! If you‘re one of the lucky few who gets a stinking hot wedding day then bear in mind these survival tips for your makeup…

Getting ready for your wedding on a very hot day needs to be done slowly and calmly, you don’t want to rush around and overheat before you’ve even set off for the ceremony. If you have access to a freezer then the night before pop in a flannel and some sliced cucumber. You can apply the flannel to the back of your neck and stick the cucumbers on your eyes for ten minutes of cooling down time.

Avoiding caffeine and alcohol in the morning before will help keep you hydrated. It might also be worth sipping on some coconut water so that puts you in good stead once you do start to drink booze later on in the day. When you do have some celebratory fizz try to have at least a few gulps of water in between, after all no-one wants a heat exhausted fainting bride on their hands!

Try to keep your hair off your neck as this will really help with stabilising your temperature particularly if your ceremony is outside in the blazing sunshine! Also ensure that you (or your makeup artist) use waterproof makeup, in particularly on your eyes so nothing melts or runs onto your face if you start to sweat.

Here are three essentials that you can keep in your handbag to help keep you cool on a hot wedding day…

1) Small battery powered fan

If you can really feel you face starting to sweat, avoid the urge to wipe away at it with tissues. This unfortunately will ruin your makeup by removing it or smearing it across your face. Try to gently cool yourself down using the fan and then clean up any remaining greasy looking areas with blotting papers.

2) Blotting papers

These are little foundation savers! Once you’ve cleared the sweat and instead of applying more powder onto your face, use blotting papers to remove oil. Adding powder could cling to any remaining sweat and make your skin look cakey. Try not to interfere with any of the makeup on your face; it’s much more likely to stay where you want it if you keep touching to a minimum. A final spritz of rosewater will help your makeup look refreshed and glowing rather than oil slick sweaty!

3) Spray bottle of rosewater

A mini bottle of rosewater spray will help cool down your face and refresh your makeup without really having to touch (or move) anything. If you keep it in the fridge until you’re about to leave it will feel glorious on your skin when you need it the most. If you’re feeling warm give your face a quick spritz but if you start to really sweat then follow the above steps to feel (and see) the most benefit.

Enjoy the sunshine and I hope these tips help you to stay cool on the big day, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments box below.

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