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Choosing the Right Hair Accessory

It’s a busy old time in the world of weddings! We are currently fully immersed in peak season but I felt like this was important post to write following a recurring issue that’s been popping up in recent trials with brides to be.

When I help brides prepare for their trial I advise them to try and have their veil, flower crown, vine, clip or other hair accessory available. This is so that we can play around with it as part of a hairstyle; ensure that it fits well (and comfortably) on their head and matches with their wedding style.

What I’ve found is that during a trial some of my bridal clients have realised that a hair accessory doesn’t work for them and have ended up not wearing it on their wedding day. Not only is it a waste of their money and a frustration it seems to be happening because they’ve bought a hair accessory after feeling swept up in the moment when trying their dress on in the boutique, had pressure applied by a shop assistant or made an impulse purchase.

What you do or don’t wear in your hair does actually need some careful consideration so here are three tips to help you along with that important decision:

Style Personality

It’s so important to stay true to yourself and your own sense of personal style even on your wedding day. You might’ve spent many hours tracking down the perfect dress so everything else you choose to wear on the day should feel 100% you too. A hair accessory should be like an extension of your personality, for example, if you wouldn’t usually wear glitzy and sparkly (and your dress doesn’t feature this kind of detail) it’s probably not the right one for you, tune into your gut instinct.

Wedding Style

Your dress is the centrepiece of your overall look (as well as your beautiful face of course) and everything else should complement it. In my experience, simple additions to a hairstyle are the most elegant and flattering way to go. Try to be practical; think about selecting something that highlights beautiful details from your dress, overall theme, colours or flowers. Question why you’re attracted to something and give it solid thinking time; it might be that you really like something but then realise that it’s not quite the right fit for your wedding look.

Hair Personality

Sometimes if you’re unsure about an accessory then it’s worth waiting for your hair trial and then looking at what might work to flatter the hairstyle and overall look. For example, if you’ve gone for lots of bouncy, beachy waves and a boho vibe then slapping an enormous hair clip to the side of your head might not complement that relaxed vibe and actually draw attention away from your dream hair.

These are just some things to consider when it comes to deciding on a hair accessory, I hope they’re helpful and that you enjoy the process of finding the best option for you.

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