I can 



If this is one of your fears, then let me reassure you that you've come to the right place.


I also won't apply thick gloopy products to blur out your features or make you look like a tangerine coloured pageant entrant, over-highlighted glitter face, black eyed zombie or a bad drag queen... 


Maybe you're someone who's never really worn makeup before but is feeling the pressure to put your 'best face' on for the photos. 


Or perhaps you love makeup but just want to sit back, relax and be thoroughly pampered on your wedding morning. Avoiding jittery eyeliner application and wobbly lipstick!


Don't panic bride-to-be, makeup nightmares and hair traumas do not apply when it comes to working with me. 


I’m Susie Boylan, and it’s my mission to help you find a wedding day makeup and hair look that’s gorgeously true to you. 

As you take your first steps down the aisle towards your love, your heart sinks as you slowly realise that the person waiting for you, barely recognises your face…


image3 (1)_edited.jpg

You too can have a makeup and hair look gorgeously true to you...

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