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Feel confident using your new skills on your wedding day and beyond into every day life…

A personal makeup lesson designed just for you, where you’ll learn how to recreate a beautiful wedding day look that you can confidently replicate on yourself. 

I'll help you to translate your wedding day vision into an individual makeup style. We’ll discover and explore different colours, products and makeup. I’ll teach you how to find and apply the right products to suit your skin and colourings.


At the end of the session you will take away a bespoke worksheet, face chart and photos. I will also advise you on preparing your skin and face ahead of the wedding, plus share tips on how to keep your makeup looking its best on the big day.

Sarah, Brighton

"Susie introduced me to new techniques, products, colours and styles. She talked me through every step and I picked up so many tips. What's more, she even conquered my irrational fear of the eyelash curler. I've really got the hang of them now (and I admit they are worth every second of practice)."

Anna, Burgess Hill

"I've always been a bit reluctant with makeup because my skin is very sensitive and I hate the feeling of being 'caked'. Susie completely understood my dislike of 'heavy' products and taught me how to use air-light bases that made my skin look healthy and flawless. She showed me how to use gorgeous colours on my eyes to give me that sultry smoky-eyed look and a beautiful pale pink on my lips."

Jemma, Lewes

"One of the key things Susie gave me was confidence to try different looks. I've even tried a very Hollywood glam look completed with red lippy and sultry eyes. I'd never even WORN lipstick as an adult before! I definitely could not have braved it or even known where to start without my makeup lesson at the hands of Susie." 
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