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Here you'll find answers to questions that I'm often asked by brides...


How soon should I book you?
I receive enquiries from brides on a very regular basis, so if you know you definitely want to work with me, I recommend booking sooner rather than later as spring/summer weekends in particular do get booked up very quickly.

What if  someone else enquires about my wedding date and I haven't paid a deposit yet?
I will always keep you updated and advise you straight away if another bride has contacted me about your wedding date. Unfortunately I can't hold a date until a deposit is received. This secures the date in my diary, this is why I recommend that as soon as you've decided that you'd like to work with me that we get it booked in.

I'm really keen to get booked in but am still feeling a bit nervous about booking and paying a deposit without having had a trial. I don't know if this is a bit over the top but I am keen to make sure that it is the style that I'm after.

It really matters to me that you’re happy and that we get the look perfectly suited to you; a trial is there for exactly this reason. When I work with brides it’s always a 100% collaborative and I will never take you out of your comfort zone! When you wear a makeup and a hair look for your wedding day you should not only feel beautiful but like yourself.

I design my trials to focus on exploring your ideas, what makes you ‘you’ and the inspiration for your wedding day. Sometimes a bride has a specific look in her head and then we try it out and she realises it isn't quite right for her. During the session we'll look at the different colours, try out makeup and hair looks that suit you and your features, until we find the one you love! Once we've defined your preferred style, we'll agree on your wedding day look and I'll advise you on preparing your skin and hair.


What do I need to do to book you for my wedding day?
To secure your big day, you'll need to complete a booking form which will be sent to you on email and you will be asked for a £50 deposit to secure your wedding day in my diary, to be paid by electronic bank transfer. Please note that due to the number of enquiries I receive I can't hold the date until a deposit is received. 

Is there a minimum spend?
No, I know that weddings can come in all shapes and sizes so if it's just the bride, that's absolutely fine.


How long does a trial take?
It can take between two to five hours, depending on how many looks you want to try out! The trial is specially designed to focus just on you, so I never limit a bride to a certain length of time for this session as it's really important to me that you are happy and that we get the look perfectly suited to you, however long it takes. A trial is a no obligation appointment. If you decide at the end of the trial that you would like to go ahead, then we'll agree on next steps for your wedding day. If you would like to think about it or have other trials planned, then please let me know. 

Where does the trial happen?
The session will take place in the comfort of your own home or a destination of your choice. I'm based in Brighton and am currently a mobile service, please read my travel policy to see the areas I cover.

When should I have my trial?
It can take place as soon as you're ready to have it, ideally it's helpful to have it within three months of your big day, that way you're more likely to have an idea of the way you'd like to look. I recommend that it happens between six weeks and two weeks before your wedding day.

Can my mum or bridesmaids have a trial?

Ordinarily I don’t do trials for the bridal party as the focus is on you as the bride! We would usually spend some time at the end of your trial talking through ideas/requirements. However, if this is something that will make them feel more comfortable ahead of the big day then I can do a makeup and hair trial for £80.00.


What style of makeup and products do you use?
I work with lots of different brides with various needs and interests from whimsical, boho and quirky to vintage glam, English rose and minimalist. My kit contains a wide variety of products including MAC, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown and Max Factor as well as other professional and specialist products such as Bioderma, Vichy Dermablend and Keromask. I like to keep up to date with the latest trends, products and am always updating my kit with new finds.



How long will my makeup and hair take on the wedding day?

I always advise approximately two hours. Ideally your makeup will be one of the last things you do before putting on your dress and I will stay until you are about to leave to ensure that you walk down the aisle looking fresh and radiant; ready for your big moment!

How long will it take if it's just my hair or makeup on the wedding day?
This entirely depends on they style you're going for. I always advise approximately one hour or less

How long will you stay?
I want to make sure that once you're in your dress, that you're looking and feeling your very best especially if there have been any happy tears shed! This means I usually dash off (unless previously arranged) a few minutes before you're due to leave for the ceremony. 

Whereabouts in my schedule should I fit you in?
I would advise towards the end. Always build in extra time to get to the ceremony and at least 30-45 minutes to get into (and enjoy the experience!) your dress. This allows you not to feel rushed so that you can cherish those final special moments, have photos, a glass of fizz and relish being the bride with your bridal party.


How long should I allow for my bridal party to have their makeup and/or hair done?
I would advise approximately between 30-45 minutes for adult makeup, and 15-30 minutes for under-13s. Depending on the hairstyle I'd recommend 30-45 minutes. 


I have a large bridal party, will you be able to do us all?
Absolutely! Depending on your timings I can bring an assistant along with me. This works well if you have an early wedding and would rather not start at sunrise! I always use professional, qualified and trained assistants who are experienced in bridal makeup/hair and have previously worked as part of a wedding day morning.


Can you come back ahead of my evening party?
Yes, I can be on hand at your wedding venue all day or pop back before your evening party starts to freshen up you and your bridal party for £25.00 per hour. 


Do you have insurance?
Yes, I am fully insured across public, product and treatment. My kit is also regularly PAT tested.

What is you are ill or incapacitated on my big day for some reason?
If in the unlikely event I am suddenly unwell on the day of your wedding I have a number of contacts in the makeup and hair industry who will hopefully be able to step in. I keep detailed records from our trial including a face map and photographs.





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