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Welcome To All Things Wedding Hair And Makeup!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve shown up here. Amongst the babies, Covid lockdowns and house moves it all got a bit hectic for a while there. So I thought it was about time that I re-introduced myself…

Unapologetically You

Put simply, I help you look beautiful but still feel like yourself on your wedding day. For over ten years I’ve been collaborating with brides to create natural makeup and hair looks that celebrate what makes you ‘you’. The secret to looking and feeling gorgeous is to to be unequivocally you.

My role is to help you become an extra special version of yourself for an extraordinary day. Every freckle, every eyelash and every skin tone is unique. I look at each face as a fresh canvas; never covering you up in thick unflattering makeup, enhancing and embracing all that you are.

A Safe Pair Of Hands

The only thing you need to do on your wedding morning is have a shower and get dressed. The rest is down to me, I relieve the getting ready pressure. Sitting in my chair whilst I transform you is a calm, happy experience. In fact, it often becomes a mini sanctuary amongst the merriment; allowing you to close your eyes and soak it all in whilst the hubbub happens in the room around you.

My previous career included PR events, crisis communications and issues management amongst lots of other things – so it’s fair to say that I’m pretty unflappable. Like the time at a well-known Sussex wedding venue, when the events manager unexpectedly collapsed unconscious on the floor of the bride’s room whilst I was doing her makeup. We actually ended up being a bit of a dream team (she was a nurse!). Whilst she put him in the recovery position I sprinted to reception to call an ambulance as there was no mobile reception and then raced around the hotel to find her cardiologist uncle.

Once the paramedics were on the way, I whizzed back to the room and carefully started moving my kit into the adjacent room, quietly and carefully stepping over the poor fella who was now awake and talking but still lying on the floor! Anyway, we eventually re-started and believe it or not we ended up only ten minutes behind schedule. I won’t forget that wedding day in a hurry, all went well and the man in question made a full recovery.

Loads To Share

There are already lots of articles in my blog, often written in response to questions brides have asked advice on, voiced last minute worries or concerns that suddenly pop up. Having been a part of many wedding mornings there’s not much I haven’t seen or experienced, hopefully you’ll find tips here but please feel free to ask me anything below in the comments.

I guess we could call this my soft re-launch after an unintended hiatus! Ultimately, lots has changed in life and the world but my ethos remains rooted in celebrating what makes you ‘you’. What’s your biggest concern about your wedding day makeup or hair look?

Connect with me above to find out if your wedding date is available in my diary.


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