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Why I Love Blotting Papers

I’ve been banging on about blotting papers for many years and they remain the number one item, alongside a lip colour, that I advise brides to add to their big day handbag. They’re kind of an old school classic but in my view an absolute essential for the bride on her wedding day.

The wedding makeup I design for each of my brides is geared for longevity; not only to deal with the long day but also for all that comes with the emotional charge of such a big occasion. Once I’ve applied a long-lasting foundation base, I apply a dusting of translucent powder to set the makeup and give the face a more matte finish. It’s a huge day, one of the most significant in life so sometimes adrenaline and nervous sweats can kick in. This combined with a heavy dress or warm weather can make you perspire, and your face become a bit oily.

This is where blotting papers come in, they are brilliant at absorbing both oil and perspiration quickly. Once the day has commenced, I always recommend not to add more powder to the finished makeup look as it can turn cakey. Blotting papers are superior to powder in this sense as they prevent you needing to continually layer your makeup. They simply refresh the makeup keeping it in place and absorb oil where needed without the initial makeup going patchy.

The quickest and easiest approach to using blotting paper is to focus on the nose, forehead and chin to instantly mattify the skin. If you’re short of time, or a mirror, aiming mainly for the t-zone to absorb excess shine can help diffuse the appearance of pores for an instantly smoother look.

Blotting papers are also much better for skin health, the sheets tend to be made of natural absorbent fibres which can be disposed of afterwards for recycling. These little shine-stopping leaves help to avoid clogged pores and breakouts which often come as a result of too much mattifying powder. If you are prone to acne then they are a more hygienic alternative to using a brush or sponge with powder which can lead to a build up of bacteria, especially if you’re out and about on the go.

And finally, blotting papers are my number one bridal beauty essential because they are super easy to carry, they never break, or spill and they fit perfectly into a small bag. They’re also handy if you’re jetting off to sunnier climes for a honeymoon when any heat and humidity can be easily absorbed from your beach bag!

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