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Protecting Your Makeup From Wedding Day Tears

Your wedding day is an emotional, memorable and glorious day. Some brides find themselves overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all; if you think you’ll be one of them here’s some tips on cry proofing you makeup…

Waterproof makeup is essential if you think that you’ll be blubbing on your wedding day. Waterproof over water-resistant formulas are the most appropriate for tears, humidity and heat; water-resistant products provide protection, but not as much as waterproof formulas.

As a priority always opt for ultra-waterproof mascara, if you shed a few tears then your eye makeup will stay put. However, there aren’t really any cosmetics that are 100% guaranteed to withstand full on crying which can lead to those dreaded tarantula tracks. So here are four tips on the essential repair tools you should pack into your wedding day handbag.

1) Don’t Rub At Your Eyes

The first rule of crying in your wedding makeup is not to rub your eyes. You will ruin your eye makeup (whether you have waterproof mascara on or not) if you use a tissue or your fingers to wipe and rub away the tears. During the ceremony stem the flow of tears and avoid the start of mascara lines by simply folding a tissue several times so that you have a firm corner and dab at the inner corner of your eye to absorb tears from right under your lash line.

2) Blotting

Once the ceremony is over and you have a few minutes to dash to the bathroom, use a fresh folded tissue to blot your cheeks if they’re wet from crying and focus on lifting the tissue in an upwards motion. If you didn’t soak your face with tears then use a Q-tip to gently dab at the remainder of the water and be sure to go carefully so you don’t disrupt your eye makeup.

If you found that your face got shiny from feeling hot and sweaty with adrenaline or high emotion then use blotting tissue papers instead of adding another layer of powder, this can look cakey on skin with moisture on.

3) Eye Drops

It’s natural for your eyes to get hot and sensitive when you cry, if they get bloodshot from the blubbing then apply eye drops. A couple of drops in each eye will help cool down your eyes and tear ducts helping to deal with the redness and puffiness straight away.

4) Blotchy Skin

If the sobbing has caused blotchy redness on your face then give yourself an extra few minutes in the bathroom to calm down with some deep breaths. Then take a paper towel and hold it under the hand dryer so it’s nice and warm, then softly press it against your cheeks and neck. This will help your skin go back to normal circulation and even out the colour, this technique shouldn’t move your foundation around either!

I hope this helps, embrace the emotions that come up on your wedding day and prepare ahead so that you have the tools to repair any crying damage that may occur as a result!

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