Five Tips For Winter Skincare

Your skin can take a real battering over the winter months. Coming in from the cold to a centrally heated house, office or shop can cause your skin to panic and so the battle with winter dry skin begins. As the temperatures drop, the dry environment and lack of moisture allows for chapped lips, parched faces and cracked hands. Yucky. The winter weather demands an upgrade to your skin care routine so that you can maintain a hydrated, glowing face all year round. Here are the basic rules to follow for skin care this winter: Moisturise, moisturise, MOISTURISE Moisturising is an integral part of your skin routine, but it's particularly so in chilly weather. Be sure to choose a product that is sp

What To Do When You Get A Wedding Day Spot

Stress can often lead to a surge in hormones and suddenly there you are faced with a spot on your big day... Spots and pimples have this horrible habit of popping out when you least expect them. It’s pretty common to suffer from them in the days before and sometimes your wedding day itself. I totally understand, having suffered with unpredictable skin since a teenager, that having a blemish or any kind of skin problem is a big worry, particularly on your big day. In the month leading up, try to avoid new products (including moisturiser or shampoo) or disrupting your normal routine with facials or other skin procedures. If a pimple does pop up, here are my tips on what do when you get one on

Three Things To Avoid Before Your Wedding

Test everything out to avoid a wedding day crisis! If you don’t want to deal with eyebrow waxing burns, patchy spray tans, breakouts, rashes or inflamed skin on your wedding day, plan your regime well in advance. This will help you avert any on the day (or the night before!) disasters and allow you to relax and enjoy your preparation time. Here are the three things I recommend avoiding at least one month before: 1) Invasive Facials Putting your skin under stress with facials or trying out new products just isn't worth it before the big day. If you have regular facials then take the advice of your beautician, they'll know your skin best and can advise on a schedule. Establish a skin care rout

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