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Five Tips For Winter Skincare

Your skin can take a real battering over the winter months. Coming in from the cold to a centrally heated house, office or shop can cause your skin to panic and so the battle with winter dry skin begins.

As the temperatures drop, the dry environment and lack of moisture allows for chapped lips, parched faces and cracked hands. Yucky. The winter weather demands an upgrade to your skin care routine so that you can maintain a hydrated, glowing face all year round. Here are the basic rules to follow for skin care this winter:

Moisturise, moisturise, MOISTURISE

Moisturising is an integral part of your skin routine, but it's particularly so in chilly weather. Be sure to choose a product that is specific to your skin type and remember to apply to your face a few minutes after washing to trap much needed water.

Keep hand cream in your handbag or desk

Say no thanks to cracked hands. Keep your digits soft and healthy over the colder months by keeping a bottle of rich hand cream at the ready. Apply when you come in the from the cold after washing your hands to feel the true benefit.

Don't shower in steaming hot water

When the temperatures drop it’s really tempting to jump into a scalding hot shower. Sadly this tends to dry out your skin even more. Hot water removes natural oils from the skin, and the more oils removed, the drier the skin becomes.

Consider a humidifier

It might take up extra space, and perhaps it's not the first item on your Christmas list, but the added vapour will seriously hydrate your skin and help prevent a flaky, itchy outer layer if you’re really struggling with the cold.

Brush your lips with a toothbrush to get rid of excess skin

Lips can really suffer in the winter, often becoming chapped and flaky. Use a soft (slightly wet) toothbrush to gently exfoliate any dead skin away. Always apply a good layer of Chapstick to protect and moisturise them once you step outside.

Id love you to share in the comments below, have you added in anything new for your winter beauty regime? Do you struggle with dryness over the colder months of the year? Have these tips helped you prepare a winter skin care routine?

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