Protecting Your Makeup From Wedding Day Tears

Your wedding day is an emotional, memorable and glorious day. Some brides find themselves overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all; if you think you’ll be one of them here’s some tips on cry proofing you makeup… Waterproof makeup is essential if you think that you’ll be blubbing on your wedding day. Waterproof over water-resistant formulas are the most appropriate for tears, humidity and heat; water-resistant products provide protection, but not as much as waterproof formulas. As a priority always opt for ultra-waterproof mascara, if you shed a few tears then your eye makeup will stay put. However, there aren’t really any cosmetics that are 100% guaranteed to withstand full on crying which can

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Sunscreen on Your Wedding Day

It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m writing this because ordinarily I’m a massive advocate of sunscreen… but on your wedding day it’s a definite no-no! Sunscreen is the most important way of protecting your skin and face from the sun's harmful rays and prolonging youthful looking skin. Exposure to too much sun can cause premature ageing, hyper pigmentation and skin cancer to name just a few. All things that you want to prevent at every stage of your life. However, on your wedding day, and it's literally the only day of the year I would tell you to do this but avoid foundations with SPF built-in or additional sunscreen on your face. Unfortunately they're just not photo friendly! The bu

What To Do If You Get Sunburnt

Your wedding’s just a few days away and you decide to grab half an hour in the sunshine to relax amidst the chaos of the final hours of preparation. Little do you realise that the sun’s rays are stronger than you thought and you end up sunburnt… It can happen so easily but can be just as easily avoided (sorry to sound like your mum!), but what’s done is done and now it’s all about salvaging your skin ahead of the big day. If this occurs a couple of days before then the focus should be on soothing the skin, reducing the swelling and redness, here’s how… Aloe Vera One of the best methods to relieve sun burn is aloe vera. It’s a great natural remedy for cooling and soothing sunburned skin and i

Five Tips On Checking Out Your Wedding Makeup Artist

This is an important one, and you might be thinking why would I write this as a makeup artist, but my philosophy is to be open and honest about what I do... I believe that makeup should allow your natural beauty to shine through; being overly done up can often push you more towards not recognising yourself in the mirror. If you’re someone that wears little to no makeup every day then it’s worth considering the expertise of a professional makeup artist on your wedding day. When it comes to choosing them and before agreeing to go ahead, here are five tips on checking them out… 1). Ask what their style of makeup is? Most makeup artists have been trained in a wide variety of styles and technique

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