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Five Tips On Checking Out Your Wedding Makeup Artist

This is an important one, and you might be thinking why would I write this as a makeup artist, but my philosophy is to be open and honest about what I do...

I believe that makeup should allow your natural beauty to shine through; being overly done up can often push you more towards not recognising yourself in the mirror. If you’re someone that wears little to no makeup every day then it’s worth considering the expertise of a professional makeup artist on your wedding day. When it comes to choosing them and before agreeing to go ahead, here are five tips on checking them out…

1). Ask what their style of makeup is?

Most makeup artists have been trained in a wide variety of styles and techniques, they should always be able to create whatever look it is that you desire. But for example, I find this question easy to answer as I look at every face as a unique canvas. I focus on highlighting the natural beauty of that face and creating a pretty, flattering look.

2). Ask what their personal makeup style is?

If your makeup artist rocks up wearing a tonne of makeup that you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing, feel free to ask if their personal makeup is more natural or dramatic. If you are looking for minimal, soft makeup and her natural everyday makeup is a very heavy smokey eye then consider that you may not be the right fit for each other. But be aware of point 1 above and try not to judge a book by its cover - I sometimes wake up and want to wear very minimal makeup but sometimes I’m in the mood for a thick black cat eye flick or fierce red lip!

3) Feel free to ask how long they have been doing wedding makeup for?

Wedding makeup is a different gig to any other kind of makeup job. Brides are not celebrities, actors, models or TV personalities. The experience of a wedding morning is a highly personal and emotional affair. Most makeup artists are very flexible and can adapt to each situation they’re thrown into but in my view it’s always helpful to ask if they have at least one wedding day under their belt.

4) Do they understand your ideas and listen to what you want?

For me, it’s got to be a two way street when it comes to communicating and discussing your thoughts on your ideal wedding day look. Most makeup artists are brilliant at interpreting your brief and will give you what you want, with expert advice and a couple of tweaks along the way. Use as many descriptive words and pictures as you can; break it down into eyes, lips and skin and explain why you like each of them.

5). Do you feel comfortable and relaxed in her presence?

Your makeup artist should put you at ease and make you feel happy and confident about having them around on your big day. Your wedding morning is a special time, you’ll be sitting in the makeup chair for a while and that should be an enjoyable experience. After all, they will be one of the last people you see right before you get ready to walk down the aisle!

One of the things I love about my job is getting to know each of my brides and finding out what makes them different and beautiful in their own way. I consider myself an artist and thoroughly enjoy working with the bone structure, skin, eye colour, hair colour and unique personality that I observe from my clients so that I can bring out their true beauty.

I hope these tips on checking out your wedding makeup artist help, if you want to find out more about me or ask me specific questions click here >>>

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