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Why You Shouldn’t Wear Sunscreen on Your Wedding Day

It’s still hard for me to believe that I’m writing this because ordinarily I’m a massive advocate of sunscreen… but on your wedding day it’s a definite no-no!

Sunscreen is the most important way of protecting your skin and face from the sun's harmful rays and prolonging youthful looking skin. Exposure to too much sun can cause premature ageing, hyper pigmentation and skin cancer to name just a few. All things that you want to prevent at every stage of your life.

However, on your wedding day, and it's literally the only day of the year I would tell you to do this but avoid foundations with SPF built-in or additional sunscreen on your face. Unfortunately they're just not photo friendly! The bulky particles within the composition of SPFs don't always sit smoothly on the skin but more importantly, are a nightmare with cameras.

When the camera flashes, the zinc molecules in SPF relfect the light, causing skin to look white and ghostly. For the sake of good pictures, forgo the sun protection and just stay out of direct sunlight if it's a gloriously bright day.

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