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Are Your Hands Ready For Their Close Up?

On the big day, your hands will be taking centre stage too! They not only take some of the limelight during the exchanging of rings; you’ll also undoubtedly be holding your bouquet as well as your new spouse’s hand and grasping a champagne flute too, all great picture fodder for your trigger happy photographer who is bound to be capturing all of it! So are your hands ready for their close up?

To get them looking in tip top condition, here are three essential things to do in preparation:


Hands need TLC like your face so don’t confine daily moisturising to just the face, try to get into the habit of smoothing a dab of hand cream onto the backs of your hands each morning too, particularly through the colder months of the year. Go for a cream with an SPF as this will prevent any sun damage or brown spots appearing. If your hands are really dehydrated, use a rich moisturising cream that contains argan oil or shea butter, this will deal with the dried out skin and last well throughout the day.


Your cuticles are an integral part of growing healthy, strong nails. Think of them as if your scalp is the key to growing long hair. Get into a good routine of regularly using a dab of cuticle oil at bedtime a couple of times a week and this will help combat hangnails and also prevent cracked nail beds.


Like your face and other parts of your body, your hands could benefit from a regular exfoliating session to keep them looking and feeling soft and smooth. It's easy to make a DIY scrub to use a couple of times a week, to avoid too much mess pop in on at the end of your shower in the morning. Mix together oats, sea salt and coconut oil (or an oil of your choice!) and scrub all over your hands, it’s a great way to start the day!

I definitely think it’s worth opting for a manicure on your wedding day, even if you’re not used to painted nails a nude shade will add an extra bit of sparkle when you’re wearing such a gorgeous dress. Opt for a professional paint job, don’t let a bridesmaid offer to do it on the wedding morning, trust me, you won’t have time and it’ll be stressful for everyone involved! Do it in advance, put it in your diary as pre-wedding pampering and if you go with a gel manicure they’ll probably go the distance and last the honeymoon too!

I hope these tips help, the products by Crabtree & Evelyn in the picture above are personal favourites of mine so can highly reccommend.

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