Three Ways I Stayed Calm In The Run Up

It's almost a year since my wedding day, and I've recently been thinking back to how I was feeling this time last year so thought it was the perfect opportunity to share these tips... It's totally natural to feel some jitters and nerves (obviously mixed with excitement and elation!) in the run up to your big day. Although I did feel some of these feelings from time to time, I tried not to let them take control of me and stress me out. Here are the three ways I managed to stay calm in the run up to my wedding day... 1) Quit caffeine I am a big coffee lover and it's often been my go-to when I'm in need of an energy boost. In the lead up to my wedding day I found myself reaching for my old frie

How To Get Your Lips Wedding Day Ready

Weather and central heating (or even air conditioning) can cause havoc with the condition of lips. Here’s how to get them looking and feeling soft, smooth and kissable for your big day… For that all important (and highly photographed!) kiss at the end of the ceremony, you'll want your lips to be in their best possible shape. If your lips have struggled over the winter and they're cracked, chapped flaky or dry; here are three ways to take care of them in the run up... Moisturise Getting into the habit of regularly moisturising your lips as far in advance of your wedding day as possible is integral to their health. Try to build it into your daily beauty routine and apply throughout the day whe

The Myth About Foundation

Your wedding day is a marathon (although it definitely won’t feel like it!), not a sprint, and you want your foundation to stay put from the first kiss through to the very last dance of the night. The thing with wedding day makeup is that it’s not like a normal day at work. A barely-there, dewy complexion looks lovely on a day to day basis around the office or out shopping but this is not an average day. It’s a day when you’ll take centre stage; you’ll be photographed by a professional (with at least one camera permanently at the ready) plus family and friends will be clicking away all day long. You’ll also enjoy your first smooch as a married lady and many embraces, hugs and kisses from jub

How To Prepare Beautiful Wedding Day Hair

Great looking bridal hair takes commitment to the cause, and some love and devotion… Washing, blow drying, straightening and heat styling your hair every day can take its toll. Your head can be plagued with split ends and those pesky little wispy broken pieces of hair that stick up from your scalp. In the lead up to your wedding day, particularly if you have long hair or want to wear it down, take extra special care by treating your hair well and if you have damaged ends get them trimmed. Here are a few tips on how to prepare beautiful wedding day hair… Wash hair sparingly Washing your hair too often can leave it dried out, stripped of its natural oils and may actually damage your hair makin

Why You Need To Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

It’s the perfect time of year to declutter your makeup and skincare, ready for a new season and the continuation of healthy skin… Did you know that there is a shelf life for cosmetics, makeup and skin care products? It’s really important to regularly clear out old products as out-of-date ingredients can cause skin reactions and many can be harbouring bacteria that’s transferred straight to your skin. Here are four tips on why to spring clean and detox your makeup bag to keep your skin healthy… Monitor expiry dates - A great way of keeping track of this is to write down the date you bought it on the lid or bottom so that you can easily see when it’s about to go out-of-date. Replace products r

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