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The Myth About Foundation

Your wedding day is a marathon (although it definitely won’t feel like it!), not a sprint, and you want your foundation to stay put from the first kiss through to the very last dance of the night.

The thing with wedding day makeup is that it’s not like a normal day at work. A barely-there, dewy complexion looks lovely on a day to day basis around the office or out shopping but this is not an average day.

It’s a day when you’ll take centre stage; you’ll be photographed by a professional (with at least one camera permanently at the ready) plus family and friends will be clicking away all day long. You’ll also enjoy your first smooch as a married lady and many embraces, hugs and kisses from jubilant wedding guests. You may also be wearing white from head to toe (not something the average person does on a regular basis).

Annnnnnd your day of celebrations is most likely last around 12 hours, so endurance on all levels is key.

The right foundation can be a great way of achieving makeup longevity, when the formula and colour work with your skin then you’re onto a winner. However, the myth about foundation is that it will make your skin look flawless; here are four reasons why it won’t…

- Foundations tend to glide over a moisturised and nourished face so much better than a dry one. For a professional makeup artist it’s extremely difficult to apply makeup to skin that is dry or flaky. Avoid this by exfoliating and selecting a moisturiser that suits your skin type; your skin will soak in moisturiser much more efficiently if it’s free from dead skin cells (here's how to exfoliate >>>)

- It only really needs to be used in the areas of your face that need a bit of touching up, like redness or darker patches. This is also true for your wedding day, you don’t want to cover your whole face in a mask of foundation if it's not needed.

- Unfortunately fashion shoots featuring models with dewy-skin-glowing-perfection just doesn’t work in real life and particularly on a wedding day. Longevity and anti-slip is essential for this epic day, and that’s why keeping all makeup on the safer matte side is the best way forward.

- The camera tends to blow you out and make you look much lighter than you really are in photographs. Cameras and lights tend to tone down your makeup, so you’ll need a little more than you would apply normally and probably more than you think too!

All things to consider when it comes to foundation. One of the most important areas to focus on is the health of your skin, I know I've said it before but the smoother the canvas the smoother the paint goes on! Take action months in advance to really know and understand the inner workings of your face. I hope this has helped and please feel free to leave a comment or let me know what you thought over on Facebook >>>

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