The Most Important Wedding Day Makeup Product

In my view foundation is the most important part of your wedding makeup... Foundation is designed to complement and enhance the appearance of your skin. If you use the right one it will make your skin look natural and it won’t drastically change your normal look; just give you a nice even toned and glowing texture. If you’ve decided to go ahead and do your own makeup for the big day, here are my tips on how to use the most important wedding day makeup product in the right way to suit you… Leave tinted moisturisers for every day wear, on your wedding day you need a foundation that will smooth out your skin tone fully and last you all day. Invest in a good quality one; don’t forget that you do

Dealing With Dark Circles & Bags

This week I’m covering another topic I recently chatted to a bride-to-be about – dark circles and bags around your eyes. Whether you’re a shift worker, insomniac or are too giddy with excitement to sleep in the run up to your wedding day (it’s a common affliction!) I’ve prepared these top tips on how to deal them…. Preparation: The real secret to great skin and to looking radiant is sleep and water. Drink tons and tons of water and get as much sleep as you can before and on your wedding day to make your face look healthy and glowing. The skin around your eyes can be very sensitive so be gentle when taking off eye makeup, use a water soluble remover and keep rubbing (don’t scrub!) to a minimu

How To Choose The Right Wedding Makeup Artist

A big decision the bride-to-be faces when organising her wedding is whether to hire a professional makeup artist for the day. This week’s blog post comes as a result of a recent enquiry I received from a lovely prospective bride who felt apprehensive because she’d never used a professional makeup artist before, let alone had her makeup done by someone she didn’t know. So I decided not to launch into the pros and cons (because as a makeup artist I’ll fully admit that I’m biased!) and thought it would be useful to share my top three tips on things soon-to-be brides should bear in mind when choosing a wedding makeup artist... 1) Bridal makeup specialist First up it’s worth establishing whether

The Thing About Contouring

Makeup can’t magically transform you into a Giselle Bundchen lookalike or give you killer Karlie Kloss cheekbones... Recently I've had a number of brides enquire about extreme contouring (à la Kim Kardashian!). Contouring and highlighting are one of the many specialist skills taught to well-trained professional makeup artists. In fact the technique has been around for donkeys years, but, extreme contouring is probably not the right look for your wedding day in my view. Makeup is a great way of enhancing your natural beauty and features. Contouring and highlighting techniques are used to mimic the way light hits your face and where shade naturally falls. They should always be used together an

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