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Dealing With Dark Circles & Bags

This week I’m covering another topic I recently chatted to a bride-to-be about – dark circles and bags around your eyes.

Whether you’re a shift worker, insomniac or are too giddy with excitement to sleep in the run up to your wedding day (it’s a common affliction!) I’ve prepared these top tips on how to deal them….


  • The real secret to great skin and to looking radiant is sleep and water. Drink tons and tons of water and get as much sleep as you can before and on your wedding day to make your face look healthy and glowing.

  • The skin around your eyes can be very sensitive so be gentle when taking off eye makeup, use a water soluble remover and keep rubbing (don’t scrub!) to a minimum.

  • A soothing eye cream, in combination with adequate (ideally a good solid seven or eight hours!) sleep, will improve their appearance.

  • If you suffer with puffiness, use a a cool compress once or twice a week (or as needed) to helps keep it at bay.

Wedding Week:

  • During the days before the wedding, steer clear of too much salty food as it can cause your eyes to look swollen.

  • On the day, however much sleep you may or may not have had, reserve five minutes to pop on a cold compress to reduce any puffiness or signs of tiredness.

Hide 'em:

  • Concealer is ideal for hiding any colour beneath your eyes.

  • If your dark shadows are blue tinged, choose a yellow based concealer. If they're more brown or yellow, use a more peachy colour. The formula should be creamy so it glides over your skin so that it doesn't settle into fine lines.

  • Pat the concealer lightly onto the darker areas, focus on the innermost corners where most os us have the most intense shadow. Use a dab of translucent powder and pat it on over the top of the concealer to set it.

Most people do have some darker colour underneath their eyes; dark circles do tend to be hereditary and, in most cases, there is little that can be done to prevent them. Hopefully the tips above will help you prepare for the big day and have given you some guidance on how best to deal with them.

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