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How To Get Your Lips Wedding Day Ready

Weather and central heating (or even air conditioning) can cause havoc with the condition of lips. Here’s how to get them looking and feeling soft, smooth and kissable for your big day…

For that all important (and highly photographed!) kiss at the end of the ceremony, you'll want your lips to be in their best possible shape. If your lips have struggled over the winter and they're cracked, chapped flaky or dry; here are three ways to take care of them in the run up...


Getting into the habit of regularly moisturising your lips as far in advance of your wedding day as possible is integral to their health. Try to build it into your daily beauty routine and apply throughout the day when you feel your lips need it. Great products include Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. Avoid Vaseline and petroleum jelly based products as all they do is provide a protective layer rather than add moisture back.


Pay attention to whether you're a lip chewer, picker or licker! You might do these things habitually and not even realise that you're actually doing them. These habits sadly cause damage and can take a good few weeks to repair. Try to stop and address any problems with dryness or soreness with moisturiser.


If your lips are suffering from soreness then wait until they've started to dry out before your exfoliate. Getting rid of dead skin on your lips is the key to getting them super smooth and soft. Once you've performed exfoliation and depending on the results, build it into your beauty routine if necessary. Here's how to make your own homemade exfoliation scrub...

If you start with these three tips at least six weeks in advance then your lips will be luscious and lovely for that special moment and your first kiss as a married lady. I hope this advice has helped, if you have any questions on this topic please feel free to ask me here >>>

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