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Why You Need To Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

It’s the perfect time of year to declutter your makeup and skincare, ready for a new season and the continuation of healthy skin…

Did you know that there is a shelf life for cosmetics, makeup and skin care products? It’s really important to regularly clear out old products as out-of-date ingredients can cause skin reactions and many can be harbouring bacteria that’s transferred straight to your skin. Here are four tips on why to spring clean and detox your makeup bag to keep your skin healthy…

Monitor expiry dates

- A great way of keeping track of this is to write down the date you bought it on the lid or bottom so that you can easily see when it’s about to go out-of-date.

Replace products regularly

- Throw away and replace skincare products 12 months after opening. If you apply a product close to the eye then do this every six months (more often if you wear contact lenses) as this will help avoid additional contamination with skin bacteria.

Keep your brushes & applicators clean

- Makeup brushes and applicators can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, potentially resulting in skin irritations and breakouts. Remember to never use an old applicator in a fresh pot of moisturiser or makeup as the applicator will transfer bacteria to the new product.

- An important part of maintaining healthy looking skin is to get into the habit of gently cleaning your makeup brushes every two weeks to remove bacteria and dirt as well as old makeup and dead skin cells.

Hand hygiene

- Your cosmetics, makeup and skin care will last you longer and be healthier for you overall if you ensure that your hands are freshly washed before applying products to your face. If you prefer to use fingers to apply makeup use a handy antibacterial gel or hand wash.

I hope these tips have helped and that your makeup bag is looking healthier for spring!

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