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Three Ways I Stayed Calm In The Run Up

It's almost a year since my wedding day, and I've recently been thinking back to how I was feeling this time last year so thought it was the perfect opportunity to share these tips...

It's totally natural to feel some jitters and nerves (obviously mixed with excitement and elation!) in the run up to your big day. Although I did feel some of these feelings from time to time, I tried not to let them take control of me and stress me out. Here are the three ways I managed to stay calm in the run up to my wedding day...

1) Quit caffeine

I am a big coffee lover and it's often been my go-to when I'm in need of an energy boost. In the lead up to my wedding day I found myself reaching for my old friend Joe more often than normal. I hadn't realised until one hectic work morning followed by a quick run around town picking up bunting and the like, that I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. After a panicked call to the GP, I decided to replace my normal few cups of coffee a day with a herbal or decaf option. Not only did I feel less agitated overall, my skin also seemed to perk up as a result.

2) Get plenty of 'me' time

The weekend before our wedding, my hubby and I treated ourselves to a couples massage. It was an hour of bliss and time out from the final stages of planning and adrenaline that was now starting to kick in. Whether a massage is the right thing or not, do something that's not wedding related to give you a small break and sometimes needed headspace. It could be a trip to the cinema, an afternoon of kayaking or a pamper. I have to say that hour of total distraction and relaxation really helped me.

3) Limit sugar

Sugar is a vice of mine, we have a love/hate relationship and probably always will. I knew from my long relationship with the stuff that for the sake of my skin (and nerves) in the lead up to my big day that I needed to reduce the amount I consumed. It's all too easy to grab a bag of Haribo or a chocolate bar when you're feeling tired or a bit overwhelmed. But actually the sugar in these products can cause your blood sugar levels to soar and then soon after come crashing down, leaving you in a slump. It can also play havoc with your hormones and that can sometimes lead to breakouts. Allow yourself the occasional treat but don't turn to chocolate to calm your nerves, try to start limiting it with six weeks to go.

These are just three ways that worked for me, my body and my skin. I hope they're helpful and if you are feeling overwhelmed they are a starting point for you to find some ways to allow yourself some time to relax and stay calm. Let me know what your coping stratgies are over on Facebook >>>

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