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Three Things To Avoid Before Your Wedding

Test everything out to avoid a wedding day crisis!

If you don’t want to deal with eyebrow waxing burns, patchy spray tans, breakouts, rashes or inflamed skin on your wedding day, plan your regime well in advance. This will help you avert any on the day (or the night before!) disasters and allow you to relax and enjoy your preparation time. Here are the three things I recommend avoiding at least one month before:

1) Invasive Facials

Putting your skin under stress with facials or trying out new products just isn't worth it before the big day. If you have regular facials then take the advice of your beautician, they'll know your skin best and can advise on a schedule. Establish a skin care routine (and stick to it!) at least three months before so that you are looking your very best. It's also the safest way to ensure that you don't end up with irritated or inflamed skin.

2) Spray Tan

Start practising at least three months before, it's definitely worth establishing the colour that suits your skin and how you react to the product. If you've never had a spray tan before ask friends and family for recommendations, you don't want to end up patchy!

3) Eyebrow Waxing

It can take weeks (if not months) to recover from a waxing burn so best avoid having your eyebrows done too close to your wedding day. Of course if you're an avid eyebrow waxer then your therapist can advise you properly on timings. Just remember that sadly burns are pretty much impossible to cover up with makeup as they need air to heal properly and avoid infection.

Whatever the details are around your wedding, don't forget to trial run every aspect of how you want to look on your wedding day.

I’d love you to share in the comments below, have you planned anything new for your beauty regime? Do you usually not make a huge amount of effort with your skin care but feel you should for your wedding day? Have these tips helped you to feel more confident about preparing?

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