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What To Do When You Get A Wedding Day Spot

Stress can often lead to a surge in hormones and suddenly there you are faced with a spot on your big day...

Spots and pimples have this horrible habit of popping out when you least expect them. It’s pretty common to suffer from them in the days before and sometimes your wedding day itself.

I totally understand, having suffered with unpredictable skin since a teenager, that having a blemish or any kind of skin problem is a big worry, particularly on your big day. In the month leading up, try to avoid new products (including moisturiser or shampoo) or disrupting your normal routine with facials or other skin procedures. If a pimple does pop up, here are my tips on what do when you get one on your wedding day…


If the blemish makes its entrance the night before your wedding - or it looks like it's going to - dab it with some toothpaste (paste not gel!) or a product like Dynaspot from Eve Lom. This will help shrink the pimple and dry it. Ideally you’ll wake up to a significantly reduced blemish.

If a whitehead appears on the day, start by putting a hot compress on to reduce the size, followed by a cold compress and then treat with a tiny dab of benzyl peroxide to kill any bacteria.

If there’s redness or irritation in the skin apply cool cotton pads soaked in chamomile tea, followed by an application of some lukewarm water. This will calm your skin down and allow it to settle before applying any makeup.

Makeup Coverage:

When it comes to covering spots with makeup, you need to be really careful not to draw more attention to it by caking the area with too much product. If spots have created a bumpy looking surface on the skin then avoid any products that shimmer or shine as they will highlight rather than hide. Mattifying products with help absorb excess oils and help to camouflage the spot.

Dab a touch of concealer in a shade that’s a close match to your skin onto a small brush to cover the blemish. Dot the concealer onto the spot starting at the centre and working outwards, stopping where the red ends. To ensure that it stays in place you will need to set it by lightly dusting translucent powder over the top; this will keep it looking matt and help it to last longer.

Don’t feel panicked or stressed about getting a pimple on the big day. You will have really great skin in some areas and others that are a bit rubbish, so focus on the good parts and find a concealer to camouflages the not so great bits!

As a professional makeup artist I do carry an array of skin saving products and makeup in my kit (brands like Dermablend, Keramask and Kryolan)! So whatever your skin worry or concern is (spots, acne, rosacea, pigmentation, oily skin etc.) I do have specialist products that can hide and cover them up all day long.

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