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How To Get Your Hands Wedding Day Ready

From holding your bouquet to showcasing your ring, your hands and fingers will be a point of focus in photos throughout your big day...

To get them in the best shape, here are four essential things to do in preparation:

1) Cuticles

Your cuticles are an integral part of growing healthy, strong nails. Think of them as if your scalp is the key to growing long hair. Get into a good routine of regularly using a dab of cuticle oil a couple of times a week and this will help combat hangnails and also prevent cracked nail beds.

2) Moisturise

Daily moisturising cream isn't just for the face, get into the habit of smoothing a dab of hand cream onto the backs of your hands each morning. Ideally choose a cream with an SPF as this will prevent any sun damage or brown spots appearing. If your hands are really dried out, use a rich moisturising cream that contains shea butter or argan oil, this will deal with the dehydrated skin and last through many hand washings over the course of a day.

3) Exfoliate

Like other parts of your body, your hands could benefit from a regular exfoliating session to keep them looking and feeling soft and smooth. It's easy to make a DIY scrub to use a couple of times a week, to avoid too much mess pop in on at the end of your shower in the morning. Mix together oats, sea salt and coconut oil (or an oil of your choice!) and scrub all over your hands, and you may as well include your hands and feet whilst you're at it too!

4) Manicure

For the big day a professional paint job is well worth it, you get to enjoy a little bit of pre-wedding pampering and also have perfect looking nails that will go the distance (especially if you go with a gel manicure). If you decide to do them yourself or want to practise with different nail colours in the lead up to the big day, don't skip the essentail coat of primer. This helps keep your nails super healthy as it protects them from being stained by pigmented colours and allows the polish glide onto the nail smoothly.

I hope these simple updates to your weekly beauty routine are useful and that you're able to spare those extra few minutes a day getting your hands ready for their wedding day close up!

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