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Three Tips For Pretty Wedding Day Feet

Whether you treat yourself to a professional pedicure or a DIY jobby before the big day, there's some vital prep that needs to happen beforehand to get those twinkle toes looking their best...

Treating your feet in the months leading up to the wedding is a must if you're wearing strappy or peep toe shoes. Well looked after and moisturised feet are much less likely to blister, so will add extra level of reassurance and comfort if you're not used to wearing heels for long periods of time. Here are three ways to get your feet looking and feeling great for your big day...

1) Scrub 'em

Good foot care starts with using some heavy duty foot scrub or better a pumice stone to exfoliate away cracked, dry, skin on heels and toes. Make sure your feet are damp, but not completely soaking wet, otherwise they'll be too slippery to get enough traction to exfoliate deeply.

2) Moisturise

The best way to get your feet feeling soft and smooth is to let a moisturiser do its work overnight whilst you're catching some beauty sleep. Slather on a thick and rich moisturiser (only once you're in bed!) and then pop your feet into a pair of socks, they will retain body heat and help seal in moisture all night long.

3) Pretty toes

When it comes to preparing and painting your toenails, the most comfortable option is to keep them on the shorter, squarer shaped side. This will ensure that they don't catch or rub when in shoes, it's the most comfortable option and generally looks smart and clean. Make sure to fully prep the nail, getting rid of ridges and using cuticle oil to soften. To ensure longevity, use an undercoat, two coats of your chosen colour and then a final top coat to seal and add shine.

I hope this helps you with your wedding planning and preparation. And remember that you'll most likely be standing up, dancing and walking for many hours on the big day. Make sure that whatever shoes you wear that you have a few practise hours under your belt to break them in. And also pack some emergency gel cushion inserts if they start to irritate you!

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