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Five Ways To Look Good In Your Photos

When it comes to the big day, you need a hairstyle to frame your face and your eyes to stand out in the pictures.

Choosing the right wedding hair and makeup is one of the most exciting parts of your planning. But don’t get carried away! There are a few key things to remember. Your hubby-to-be loves you just the way you are so avoid anything drastic, especially as you want to look back on the pictures and recognise the woman appearing in them. Here are my top tips on how to look good in the photos...

Hero hair

You want your wedding day hair to frame your face so that your beautiful eyes and beaming smile are all that anyone can focus on. Be sure to try out different hairstyles before the big day to see which suits your face shape and bride style best. If you're struggling with ideas, a natural looking wave is a good way to go. No matter what look or style you want for your special day, wavy locks suit any bride and will add movement to your photographs.

Keep it simple

When it comes to bridal beauty, often less is more. If you’re wearing a showstopper of a wedding dress then keep your makeup, hair and accessories simple and chic; they don’t need to be over-the-top. Something subtle and sophisticted, like a loose up-do with a small jewelled headpiece, will make you look just as gorgeous and work well for the photographer.

Photo ready

Don’t decide to risk a totally new beauty look on the day of your wedding – discuss what looks best with your makeup and hair artist and have a trial. Whether you want to focus on highlighting your eyes, your cheekbones, your smile or your hair, they can help you work out the best colours, styles and products to suit you. Generally for photos, it's best to keep makeup quite matte and avoid anything too shiny or shimmery. Your eye makeup needs to be a couple of shades darker than usual because eyeliner and mascara will help your eyes stand out in your pictures.

Show off

You want to make the most of your stunning dress, because ultimately you’ll only wear it once. Make sure that your hair complements it – remember that if you want to show off the neckline, back or other pretty details then take a picture to show to your hair stylist. They can then make sure that your hairstyle flatters a special detail and doesn't cover it up with lots of hair! Also remember to match your hair accessories to the style of the dress.

Smile and practice

Your face will hurt from all of the smiling on your wedding day (well mine did!), although most of this will be joyful and natural smiling, some of it will be posed - for the photographs! So remember to try out a range of smiles (and pouts if you like!) in front of a mirror, these will also add more variety and fun in your pictures. A classic pose is the over-the-shoulder, not only does it let you show off different angles of your makeup, hair and dress, but it also lets you chose your best side!

I’d love you to share in the comments below, have you thought about how you'd like to look in your photographs? Are you going to practise before the big day? Have these tips helped you feel more confident about being photographed on your big day?

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