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Why You Should Invest In Facials…

A few months ahead of the wedding, it’s essential to start practicing good skin care...

Even if you don’t suffer from severe acne or other skin conditions, your complexion will still benefit from the attention of a trained professional. As long as you start a good three or four months in advance of the big day (and not six weeks) your beautician or facialist will get to know your skin properly, provide personalised recommendations and a programme that will address your individual concerns. Here are four reasons why it's worth the investment...

1) Sometimes DIY doesn't work

Although you might be committed to regular skin care, homemade masks and DIY facials, you will never have all of the right products in your house to get that professional effect or expert treatment. Good clinics use industrial steaming machines, LED and light therapy to stabilize oil production, reduce pore size and promote healthy cell growth.

2) Changes in skin

If you are suffering with a skin condition of any kind or have noticed that your complexion has struggled over the winter then an expert will help you find out why. Skin changes over time depending on age, weather and also hormones which can be affected by stress in the lead up to the big day. An expert will help you address any changes, identify skin conditions and educate you on how to treat them. Starting months in advance of the wedding will be beneficial especially if your skin suffers from stress as someone who knows and understands your skin will know how to help.

3) We all get spots

Most people pop their spots the wrong way, this unfortuantely means that every time you squeeze a pimple you're risking acne scarring and dark marks. A regular facial will also include professional extractions which helps keep skin clear in the long run. If you have a regular appointment booked in it may get rid of your need to pop and pick spots yourself, knowing that you have a professional on hand to do the job should be a deterent!

4) Clear pores

A professional treatment carried out by an expert will fully cleanse your skin in a way that you just can't get at home. Facialists use a safe and gentle steam to properly open your pores and allow them to breathe. Long term this will lead to healther, cleaner skin and a smoother complexion which is less likely to suffer from imperfections.

Someone suggested to me that you need to think of your skin care in the same way you do your teeth. You brush and floss your teeth twice daily, but you still need to go to the dentist and hygenist a few times a year to maintain optimal health.

Having beautiful, glowing skin will give you lots of confidence on the big day. Afterall, you'll feel absolutely gorgeous if you're comfortable in your own skin! (Read more about skin health here >>>)

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