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Three Practical Wedding Morning Tips

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A wedding morning is a whirl of excitement and anticipation; almost always full of laughter and frivolity but often also tinged with nerves and anxiety. I'm lucky enough to have been a part of many lovely ladies big days over these past few years and have seen it all unfold. These are the top three tips I give to my brides ahead of the day to help ease things along...

1. What to wear

I will be arriving a good few hours before you’re due to put your wedding dress on, so you’ll need to decide what you’d like to wear during that time. My suggestion is to opt for a comfortable top that buttons up; this will help when it comes to keeping your makeup and hair in place. When you have to remove clothing over the top of your head and face it can get a bit tricky! Also if your photographer is coming along for the ‘get ready’ snaps then do consider wearing something that you’re relaxed and happy to be papped in.

2. Fuss free fizz drinking

Once I’ve perfected your wedding day makeup don’t feel like you can’t have a celebratory glass of fizz because your lips are on! I ordinarily carry a pack of straws in my kit so that the bride and her crew can happily sip away on their drinks without messing up their lovely lipstick.

3. The sweats

Wedding mornings come with heaps of adrenaline; whether that’s butterflies in your tummy, the jitters or hyper activeness, these extraordinary feelings can often cause a bit of excess sweating! If I’ve already finished your makeup and hair, it’s worth having a box of blotting tissues on hand to mop up any beads that may appear on your face. Try not to wipe at your face or use tissues, this will smear and remove the makeup that has already been applied. A gentle blotting action just to catch the sweat will do and then once you’re a little cooler the makeup will set again. Then get those windows open and take lots of deep breathes to get you back in the game!

I do hope that these three little tips help make your wedding morning a smooth and stress-free affair.

If you've been wondering what to pack in your handbag for the long day and night ahead, I've got some useful advice here >

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