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Wedding Hair Ideas For Any Length

Don't do anything drastic to your hair on the big day, celebrate being you and what suits you, whatever length hair you have..

Brides often find themselves under pressure to grow out their hair in the run up to the big day, and yes if you have your heart set on an elaborate up-do or long braids wrapped around your head, the more hair you have the more helpful it is in order to be able to achieve that kind of look. But otherwise, if you have a bob that perfectly frames your face or a pixie crop that shows off your elegant neck, don't go changing. I appreciate you might want to glam it up or add a bit of something special for your wedding day, so here are some ideas...

Short Hair

- Glam up a cropped do by adding gorgeous accessories such as a side headband or birdcage veil.

- Shorter hairstyles make a statement in their own right so the key is not to over-accessorise. If you want to add some sparkle or interest try some elegancy drop earrings that complment your dress and overall look.

Mid-length Hair

- A relaxed, wavy style with a few sections pinned back is a great look for mid-length hair as it frames the face without being too structured. It's also a lovely boho wedding look!

- Loose curls can add volume giving the illusion of thicker and longer hair particularly if you are wearing a strapless wedding dress. Add a flower crown to compliement the curls.

Long Hair

- Although long hair is the most versatile option if you want to have an up-do but remember to take good care of it in the run up with regular trims and intensive condition treatments.

- Experiment with different styles but remember if you're not used to wearing your hair entirely off your face then you might feel uncomfortable doing so on the big day.

On your wedding day, I always think it's better to go classic and simple with hair. Let the focus be on your face and dress, your hair should compliment them but not take centre stage.

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