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My Winter Weather Skin Savers

We're currently being blasted by another very cold patch of weather here in the U.K and frankly it's playing havoc with my skin! This combined with the icy wind (oh wow, seaside blusters are brrrrrr!) and the warm rush of central heating as you step inside; maintaining supple, healthy skin at this time of year does take a bit of extra effort.

If you're getting married soon, even if it's in the warmer months, it's definitely worthwhile giving your skin some extra special attention now. Trust me when I say that you WILL reap the benefits come your wedding day! And if you've read some of my other blogs you'll know that I am a keen bean when it comes to skin. The nitty gritty of it is that your skin is essentially the canvas for me to paint upon and the better condition the canvas is in, the better the paint will look.

Today I'm sharing the three beauty products that are getting me through this chilly spell:

1. Hydration

My personal skin saviour at the moment is a hydrating serum worn underneath my regular moisturiser.

Ultimately when a serum has an aqueous base its main function is to add water to the skin. Basically it means that serum plumps the skin, so that when you put a moisturiser on top of it your skin absorbs it more deeply. This makes it seriously beneficial for people with dry skin and those (like me!) who’s skin is drying out due to the weather. As an added bonus, when you use a hydrating serum (there are tonnes of other types on the market) it also plumps the skin by reducing the appearance of pore size too.

Oh and worth noting that the key to getting the best out of your serum, is that a little goes a long way.

I have been using Nip + Fab Hydrating Serum, more info here >>>

2. Lip Protection

I can't stand my lips cracking and drying out, mainly because I then desperately want to pick at them (I know that's gross!) so in the winter time I am pretty militant about keeping them in good nick.

When it's near freezing outside and you're coming in and out of central heating all the time, then unfortunately Vaseline is not going to be enough to keep your lips in good shape. I always go for a product that actually moisturises my lips rather than something that only provides a very basic protective layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline).

By taking preventative action you can treat the first signs of dry, cracked and chapped lips with a soothing and refreshing product (I use Blistex Intensive Moisturiser and always recommend it to brides too if they need it) that actually adds moisture back into your lips.

3. Repair

Over the past year, since having my first baby, I have discovered an array of products that I had previously been totally oblivious to! This includes the magical cream that is Sudocrem.

If like me you've been suffering with colds and viruses galore, then you might find that your nose (and sometimes chin) areas are drying out from all the blowing into tissues. No matter what I've tried to prevent this from happening it hasn't worked, so therefore treating the issue was the only option.

Although Sudocream is traditionally used to treat baby's suffering with nappy rash, I decided to give it a whirl on my sore, dried out nose and was really impressed by the very quick improvement in my skin's appearance. It essentially acts as a healing cream because it has an emollient that soothes sore or inflamed skin plus a very mild local anaesthetic to help ease pain and irritation.

I do hope this helps keep the first signs of winter weather damage from affecting your skin, this post is really about inspiring you to address some of the things that might be bothering you. These products have helped me but it's always worth exploring what else is out there that might suit your skin type better.

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