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Four Ways To Winterproof Your Skin

Cold weather combined with central heating can leave skin feeling sensitive and irritated, updating your skin care regime over the winter months is a must if you’re looking for flawless wedding day makeup…

Taking good care of your skin as the temperatures drop will help keep it in the best condition, ready for your wedding day makeup. Winter weather can often dry skin out and leave it feeling sore or sensitive, here are four ways to protect it over the chillier months of the year:

1) Don’t overheat your house as it can worsen a dry skin problem. Stepping into a warm and cosy home during the winter months is heavenly but try to balance out and avoid extremes, find the right temperature for your house (specifically your bedroom at night) and your skin.

2) Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize! Apply lotions and creams on slightly wet skin as they will be absorbed more easily and provide some much needed nourishment. Don't forget to include your lips which will be crying out to be protected and moisturised particularly in chilly or frosty weather.

3) Try to use alcohol-free products during winter time as cosmetics with alcohol in tend to strip away the skin's natural oils and in cold weather can really stress out the skin by drying it out too much.

4) Drink lots of water, this applies all year round! Although you might not feel like drinking tonnes of the stuff over the winter, it will really help prevent dehydration and dullness.

I hope these quick tips help, enjoy the winter but remember to up your beauty routine game to protect your skin from the elements!

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