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How To Be Comfortable on Your Big Day

Your wedding day is a looooong ole day and you’ll be wearing a one-time only outfit, possibly mostly new and barely worn ever before so don’t let yourself be crippled by pain or discomfort…

I recently had a chat with a bride during her trial who had convinced herself that she would feel really uncomfortable on her wedding day. Wearing a corseted dress that she’d only worn once for all of 20 minutes, brand new shoes and 'keep it all in' underwear. But as I explained to her, the more you practise the more contented and at ease you will be with the adornments you wouldn’t usually be wearing on a regular day. Here are the four things, in my experience, that tend to cause the most amount of discomfort (besides the dress) for brides on their big day and how to be comfortable in them…

1) Tiaras

If you intend to wear a tiara or headband for the duration of your day, try to make sure you have it available at your hair trial. Your hair artist can then help you to shape it to a comfy size perfect for your head and find a position where it causes the least irritation. Then the rest is up to you, wear it as often as you can (in the same position if possible!) every evening or build up the hours over the weeks running up to the big day. This will guarantee that by the time your wedding comes around, your tiara won’t cause you to be crippled by a horrendous headache after an hour of wearing it!

2) Hair Pins

Once you’ve had a hair trial, try to keep the style in for as long as possible. Pay attention to whether an up-do’s hair pins hurt or rub and also practise some outrageous dance moves to make sure it can stand up to any dancing you plan to do. A good hair artist will ensure that pins aren’t bothersome and will also get you to do an over-enthusiastic nodding test to make sure all stays in place. It’s useful to find out if there are any issues with your hair do before your wedding and revise with your hair artist beforehand if necessary.

3) Shoes

If you’ve got brand new shoes for the big day, practise walking around the house in them as much as possible so you avoid blisters, sore feet or teetering. Even if your shoes are comfortable, chances are your wedding dance floor will be wood, and as anyone who's danced the night away on a wood floor in heels knows, your feel will hurt within the first hour of grooving on down. Bring a second pair of shoes, ideally flats or flip flops so you can swap out your heels when needed. And don't forget well looked after feet will help to make any shoes much more comfortable, more here >>>

4) False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are definitely an acquired taste. A makeup trial usually takes place a few weeks before the big day and if your heart is set on a pair of falsies, then keep them on for as many hours as you can stand after the trial. Don’t just assume false eyelashes will feel ok if you’ve never used them before. If they don’t your makeup artist will have a solution to either go without or opt for individual lashes which are lighter in weight and much more comfortable. Again, if you have decided you’d like to stick with falsies for your wedding day then invest in a couple of pairs and wear them on a few nights out just so you get used to them a bit more.

There really is no need to feel uncomfortable on your wedding day, it just requires some trying out and practise to ensure that you address anything that causes irritation well ahead of the big day. I do hope this has helped!

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