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Three Things Makeup Can't Do

I often work with brides who haven’t had their makeup done by a professional before. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as I truly Iove what I do and enjoy introducing people to new ways of thinking, different products and application techniques that they then take on to use beyond their wedding day.

Unfortunately with the dominance of celebrity culture and the Kardashian’s promotion of extreme and heavy makeup looks, sometimes there can be unrealistic expectations with regards to what makeup and a makeup artist can do for you. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is a great tool for enhancing natural features and making you feel blimmin’ gorgeous, but this week I wanted to share the three things that makeup can’t do…

1) It is never meant to change your face

As I mentioned, it’s meant to enhance your beauty. If there was only one thing you must know about makeup, it would be this one. My philosophy is focused on natural beauty and healthy looking skin. If your makeup artist changed the way you look to the point where people you know no longer recognised you, it means they did your face wrong. “You look fantastic!” will always, always be better than “Woah, you look really different!” I hope you remember that.

2) It cannot change the texture of your skin

All makeup needs to start with is the best possible canvas, smooth and moisturised, this will affect the way product sits on your face. A skilled makeup artist will apply the product to best work with your colourings and skin type. However, if you have dry skin or acne bumps for example, whatever products they use, ultimately your skin type will still feature in the overall look. A makeup artist and her products cannot change the texture of your skin or magically transform it into something it’s not.

3) It’s not going to last for forever

However much you pay for a lipstick or however many applications of lipstick you correctly apply, once you start eating and drinking there’s not much you can do to save it. Foundation and mascara are the same, the more you touch your face, eyelashes or rub at your skin the more the products will start to wear down.

On your wedding day this is worth considering, I always design a bride’s makeup look with longevity in mind. As the bride you may be dealing with heightened emotions and adrenaline which can sometimes result in tears, sweating or blushing which will all affect your face. Alongside this, the makeup on your face will also betrying to handle an abundance of congratulatory kisses, Grandmother’s cupping their beautiful granddaughter’s married face and hurried gulps of fizz in between revelling.

I hope this advice helps, I'm simply trying to manage expectations in a world full of smoke and mirrors when it comes to makeup and what it can do!

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