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Why Your Wedding Day Makeup Is Unique

In the run up to my own big day I had a few try outs with hair and makeup. I knew that my usual everyday work and casual makeup didn’t feel special enough for my wedding day. And my going out look perhaps only really worked in a low lit bar and wouldn’t feel right outdoors in the countryside on a bright June day.

When it came to designing my look I started by incorporating the colours that suited my skin tone and eye colour with the areas I wanted to emphasize – which were my eyes. Because our wedding was a very laid back affair with a rustic, boho vibe (and I wore a simple but floaty lilac dress!) I knew I wanted to keep it natural and fun with some colour on my lips to look pretty rather than overdone and I kept my hair relaxed but subtly styled in waves.

Your dress, bouquet, shoes, makeup and hair all need to work together rather than clashing. If your wedding dress is soft, pretty and romantic; heavy dramatic smoky eye makeup and dark, gothic lipstick is not going to compliment your dress. Even if you adore this style of makeup, you will need to soften it slightly so that it works with your gown. Again, the same applies for your hair - if you choose a soft, vintage, loose hairstyle, you will need to keep the makeup pretty and dewy. A makeup and hair professional can help you pull all of this together. They are creative experts and if they specialise in weddings then they’re usually very experienced in guiding their clients through this process.

Look through bridal magazines and online for inspiration, you can get great ideas not only from bridal magazines, but also from red carpet pictures - the hair and makeup at award ceremonies and film premieres is always stunning! Also check out my Pinterest boards for an array of makeup and hair looks >>>

Like all things wedding related, you should enjoy your ‘getting ready’ experience rather than feeling overwhelmed or rushed. When it comes to doing your own wedding makeup and hair, don’t wing it. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can just get up that morning and get on with your usual routine. Even if you do want to keep your hair and makeup close to your normal everyday look, your wedding day is sometimes a surreal experience.

Time on the morning of the wedding can often fly by with an array of interruptions (the arrival of the florist, well wishes from friends and family, phone calls from the groomsmen asking questions, last minute queries from the venue or a lost something/someone or other!) paired with a lack of sleep, caffeine induced jitters and big day excitement butterflies– you’re probably not in your regular pre-work Thursday morning in March state.

If you do decide to go ahead with a DIY job, practice at least once or twice so it’s clear in your head. If you hire a makeup and hair artist, always have a trial so that you (and they) know exactly what is happening on the day and how long it’s going to take. Then on the big day all you need to do is sit back in the chair and chill your beans; it will honestly make the whole experience so much more enjoyable and relaxing overall.

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