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Four Things To Remember When Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup

DIY makeup on the big day is great, but remember these tips.

I’ve recently exhibited at a few wedding fairs in Worthing and Uckfield, it was a great experience and really lovely to meet so many Sussex brides. I thought I’d dedicate a couple of blogs to answering some of the most popular questions I was asked at these events.

This week I’m covering my four top tips on how to make applying your own wedding day makeup as successful as possible:

1) Avoid foundation and moisturiser with SPF

Creating a long lasting look doesn’t just come down to application; it’s also about the product. Your wedding does not warrant your ‘every day’ makeup, particularly when it comes to foundation and moisturiser. The product you apply to your face daily is often designed to protect, smooth skin tone or correct colour. But much of this product contains the dreaded SPF (read my thoughts on SPF here) which as a one off should be skipped on your wedding day. This is because the particles can reflect light and mess with the camera, causing ghost-like or distorted versions of you!

2) Double the time it normally takes you

It might take a swift 20 minutes to apply your usual dose of daily makeup. But on your big day, whatever you’ve decided to do with your makeup – at least double your usual getting ready time. The reason I say this, is that there’s going to be at least three more people standing around you than there is on regular Tuesday morning. Wedding day mornings can often be a little hectic, with people/things arriving and leaving. Questions and phone calls etc.

3) Find a quiet, calm spot

Hide yourself away from the hustle and bustle of bridesmaids, flower girls, mums and all of the little ‘jobs’. It’s your day, enjoy your moment and use your makeup time as a lovely calming retreat away from the excitable gaggle of girls. Your bridal party won’t mind, they’re there to help and support your after all.

4) Avoid caffeine and booze

Don’t overdo it on the five cups of coffee or fizz before your start; this will only lead to shaky hands and wonky makeup! You’ll already have a fair bit of adrenaline pumping so mixing that with caffeine and alcohol isn’t the best idea before you need to gently and carefully apply your eye makeup.

And finally, don’t leave it until the last minute. Schedule your morning so that you don’t run out of time. I always advise brides to try and finish up at least 45 minutes before they’re due to leave for the ceremony. This allows you to enjoy getting into your dress without feeling rushed; it’s really worth doing so you get to saviour this special time with your close friends and family. Plus your photographer will be super happy too!

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