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Planning The Right Wedding Day Hairstyle

Deciding on the all important perfect hairstyle for your wedding day is not always the easiest of tasks.

My advice to brides is to consider the style of your dress and more specifically the neckline first. This will help you rule certain ideas out straight away. It’s also worth mulling over the style and vibe of your big day as well as your personality, hair texture and face shape before making any decisions. (Oh and of course, a decent hair person will be able to give you their expert advice too!) Here are my top tips to help you find the best style that suits your hair, your personality and the wedding day look you’re after…


The neckline of your dress pretty much dictates what hairstyle you should go for, it's best to work your hairstyle around it so that you have a seamless and well put together look on the day. Also make sure that you don’t take attention away from the dress, if the design is busy with lots of beads and detailing, then keep your hair simple. Ideally your hair should subtly compliment you and your dress.

When out shopping and trying on dresses, lift all of your hair away so you are able to see the neckline fully. For example, if you’re trying on a one shoulder dress, you’ll see whether the strap goes to the left or right, your hair could be worn on the opposite shoulder. Perhaps a loose side bun or chignon so you don’t obscure the detail of the one-shoulder style and design.

Theme & Personality

What kind of wedding are you having? What is your bridal look? Are you a vintage bride? Boho? Modern? Classic? Glamorous? Gather together a handful of words that describe what you’re wearing, the décor, venue and overall design. Keep these words to hand when searching for hairstyles. Do remember that trends come and go; but if you stay a little more classic then your wedding photos will remain timeless.

Make sure that the wedding hairdo you opt for compliments and reflects your personality. Adding a hairpiece, floral crown, headband or flowers is a really great way of showing your flair and personality. Your wedding day is not the best time to do anything drastic just in case it doesn’t suit you or you decide you hate it! Your big day hairdo is all about you, so don’t change who you are, you will feel uncomfortable and it may show outwardly.

Remember that these are just basic rules, it's really important to have a trial as this is your opportunity to try different looks before you make a decision. Show your makeup and hair artist a photo of your dress so they can see the neckline and style.

I hope this post has inspired you to be braver in your wedding day hairdo choice or has at least helped you with the first steps in figuring out your big day look.

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