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Why Your Big Day Is Not The Time For A New Look

Don't try to transform yourself into a different person with a dramatic new makeup look or drastic hair change.

Every bride wants to look like the best version of herself on her wedding day and to put my job simply, I’m there to make the real you look better! Your makeup and hair on your wedding day should focus on what flatters your facial structure and highlights your best features. If you opt for a totally unnatural look for you, you’ll feel uncomfortable and a little out of sorts all day. You may also look at your photos and barely recognise the beaming bride before you; here are something things to consider…

Clear communication & visuals

The most flattering look for your wedding day is a better version of your everyday look. It is important to be very clear about what you want and always show a makeup artist your inspiration boards. It’s also handy to show a few photos of how you usually do your makeup to go to work or to go out so they can get a sense of your natural and ‘normal’ style. This is the time to also flag if there is anything you want “corrected” whether it be covering of tattoos, contouring to slim down your face or blemish camouflage; they’ll have a solution.

You may have had dreams of rocking a dramatic cat eye flick or ruby red lips, but if this is not already a signature look of yours then avoid it. High maintenance makeup that you are unfamiliar with might be an added layer of stress on the big day. If you want to try out a daring look in a makeup trial then do it, that’s what the trial is there for, but first and foremost wedding day makeup should highlight your best features. (Read more about what to expect and how to prepare for your trial here >>>)

Know what you want but be open to change

Your dream wedding hairstyle might see you set on romantic waves with a braid over a simple, elegant up do. However, you may need to be a little more flexible as often this is dictated by your dress. If you have intricate detailing, an unusual neckline or unique embellishments then you’ll want to show them off and a wavy down-do may look completely wrong with that gown. A simple, classic hairdo is often a good way to show off and flatter your dress and face.

Again it’s worth showing your hair artist a few photos and also figuring out the reasons why you like certain hairstyles. It might be that you like the natural volume and the way the hair frames the face rather than the specific hairdo, these are key details that can be used to design and create wedding day hair to suit you.

Avoid irritants

Eight weeks before your big day is not the time to try out a new cosmetics brand, beauty product or procedure. The last thing you want is to arrive at the altar with spots or blotches thanks to an allergic reaction. Figure out what works for your skin and stick to it so that you don't accidentally use a product that causes you to break out or have other unpleasant reactions.

If you know a particular ingredient, brand, or texture doesn't get along with your skin, don’t be persuaded into trying it before your wedding—it won’t work and it’ll only be an extra bother to worry about. This includes facials. Don’t try anything new or extreme before your wedding, if you are used to having a regular facial then work with your therapist to develop a pre-wedding and skincare maintenance ahead of the big day.

Focus on skin health

Every bride wants glowing skin. When your skin is nourished, soft and smooth it makes a great canvas for makeup to sit on. Leading up to your wedding, proper exfoliation is vital to keeping skin looking youthful and radiant. (Read more on how to exfoliate here >>>)

Don’t forget about body exfoliation, particularly if your back will be exposed in your dress. It’s rather tricky to scrub your own back in the shower so this might the pre-wedding pamper to go for (do this about a week in advance of your wedding day so your skin has time to recover from any redness or irritation). Many spas offer a full body scrub; it’s not something for the shy as they use a mitt to get to every inch of your body until no more dead skin comes off. But it’s worth trying as the end result is baby soft and glowing skin from top to bottom.

I'd love to know what you thought in the comments section below, I hope this has helped your prepare for your wedding day. I also have a free ebook on how to get glowing skin, download it here >>>

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