Why You Shouldn't Wear Fake Tan

Controversially I’m not a fan of fake tan on the big day…

If you saw the pictures of TV presenter, Susanna Reid, this week then you’ll know where today’s blog topic comes from. Too much fake tan can look awful. Don’t get me wrong, a healthy spritz now and again really peps you up if you haven’t seen the sunshine in a while or are feeling under the weather.

On your wedding day, unless you’re a regular fake tan aficionado I’d simply avoid it. This may seem controversial but a healthy glow doesn’t necessarily need to come from a spray tan. Here are the three reasons why it’s best to avoid the stuff altogether…

1) Brown marks

Fake tan is a risky business, particularly when it comes to its interaction with white dresses. Whatever brand or type of tan you go for, and however careful you slip the dress on, there is never a sure-fire guarantee that your beautiful wedding dress can evade its tarnishing qualities.

2) Different dress

The darker you’ve made your natural skin colour, the more your dress will look ultra, bright white. You can also look boxy, your body shape might not look the same as usual and it could even lead to you feeling like you’re wearing a totally different dress to the one you so carefully chose.

3) Consider your groom

As with so many things about your appearance on the big day, you need to consider the photos, not just of you but also of your groom. If you’re tanned and glowing, it might make your man look pasty in comparison. Leading to photos that look like you spent two weeks in Barbados without him!

If you do want a healthy glow on the day, start with your diet (have you got my free eBook on getting glowing skin) and exercise. Your makeup artist can also help you to look naturally tanned with some clever application of bronzer in the right places too. But if you do decide to go with a fake tan, remember that practice makes perfect. Get one done before you have a dress fitting so you know what it will look like and perhaps try to persuade hubby-to-be into a light version too!

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