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Five Handbag Essentials For Your Wedding Day


Plan ahead when it comes to packing your handbag for the big day. You don't want to be running around, throwing random things into your pretty little clutch bag en route to the church!

To help you avoid unecessary stress on the morning of your wedding, I've put together my five handbag essentials for brides to help you prepare. These tips are based on personal experience (as a bride!) and in my role as a makeup artist on the day. The beauty of these items is that they're all relatively compact and will pop into a small bag easily, so here we go...

Bridal-Makeup-By-Susie-Five Handbag Essentials For Your Wedding Day-Safety-Pins.

1) Safety Pins

There’s always someone at a wedding who needs to be rescued by a trusty safety pin! Hopefully it won't be you and your dress, but these little lifesavers are worth throwing in for the 'just in case' incidents that could occur. For example, it might be that the train on your dress isn't staying put and your bridesmaids secure it using these.

Bridal-Makeup-By-Susie-Five Handbag Essentials For Your Wedding Day-Body-Shop-Bl

2) Blotting Tissue Paper

Your makeup has been designed and applied to stay in place all day. However, sometimes you can break out into a sweat through sheer adrenaline and your skin can become shiny. Try not to pile on the powder as you'll start to look cakey. Opt for blotting papers to combat shine instead. They are super slimline so fit into your clutch easily and take away oil without adding more layers on.

3) Eyelash Glue

Bridal-Makeup-By-Susie-Five Handbag Essentials For Your Wedding Day-Handbag-Duo-

Whether you're wearing a full set or individual ones, it's worth carying emergency glue in your bag. Sometimes (if you cry a lot or rub your eyes) eyelashes can become loose, particularly at the outer corners of your eyes.

Bridal-Makeup-By-Susie-Five Handbag Essentials For Your Wedding DayHandbag-Bobby

4) Bobby Pins

If you've had your hair done professionally it should stay in place for the duration of the day. However, sometimes it can get knocked - getting in and out of cars, over zealous aunties bear hugging you or weather conditions - so throwing a few bobby pins in to re-secure your do is essential.

TIP: Rotate the pin so the open end is facing the same direction as your hair, and push the pin in toward your head to secure it. The pins will pull your hair tighter and be unnoticeable. Repeat these steps until your style is completely secure.

Bridal-Makeup-By-Susie-Five Handbag Essentials For Your Wedding Day-Burts-Bees-L

5) Tinted Lip Balm

If your makeup artist applied lipstick then it will last you for a good chunk of the day. Occasionally with adrenaline and excitement, brides can lick or chew their lips or suffer with a dry mouth. A tinted lip balm will bring back some moisture and if you get a lovely smelling one, the aroma will help distract and relax you if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Other things to chuck in, or ask one of your bridesmaids to carry are - plasters, ibuprofen, antihistamine and any medicines you require such as an inhaler or EpiPen.

I’d love you to share in the comments below, how you plan to pack your bag for the big day or are you even having one? Have these tips helped you plan ahead?

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